Who is a Candidate for Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery?

For patients who remain severely obese after multiple attempts at weight loss by means of dieting or exercise or for those who have an obesity-related disease, surgery may be the best next step. But for other patients, greater efforts toward weight control, such as changes in eating habits, behaviour modification, and increasing physical activity, may be more appropriate.

  • Regained weight after multiple previous attempts at weight loss
  • A body-mass index (BMI )of 37.5 or more without obesity-related health problem
  • A body-mass index (BMI) of 32.5 or more and have one or more of obesity-related health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, sleep apnoea, gastroesophageal reflux, joint problems
  • An obesity-related physical problem (such as body size that interferes with employment, walking, or family function)

  • Have a clear desire to lose weight and improve your health
  • Be unlikely to lose weight successfully with (further) nonsurgical measures
  • Be well informed about the surgical procedure and the effects of treatment
  • Be aware of how your life may change after the operation
  • Be aware of the potential for post-surgical complications, the associated dietary restrictions, and the occasional failures
  • Be committed to lifelong medical follow-up


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