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Here you will discover authentic and easy-to-understand information about abdominal and thoracic diseases and hernias as well as treatment of these conditions using laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgery. Why consider an open operation when an identical one can be carried out, just as safely, through tiny incisions using minimal access surgery? You can well imagine the benefits: reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospitalisation, faster recovery and cosmetically superior scars. Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar, who served as the President of the Hernia Society of India from 2021-2023, is a renowned expert with over 30  years of experience in minimal access surgery. He has developed this exclusive resource to give you an edge by providing you with reliable information about the modern treatment options. This will empower you to make smart decisions when choosing surgery for yourselves or your family.


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Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernia

This page was last updated on: September 10th, 2023

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