Dalvi Hospital

Dalvi Hospital is a charitable hospital with 50 beds located in south Mumbai. Dr Bhandarkar has been active at this hospital for over 14 years and regularly performs laparosocpic procedures, including complex surgeries and single incision laparosocpic operations, here. He firmly believes that the benefits of laparosocpic surgery should be made available to all patients irrespective of their socioeconomic strata. With that goal in mind, Dr Bhandarkar offers his expertise to patients with modest financial means at Dalvi Hospital.

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Outpatient Clinic

1st Floor, Dalvi Hospital, Hughes Road, Opp. West Side, Mumbai 400007


Thursday : 08.00 – 09.00

Patients should reach the reception counter on the first floor by 0745 on Thursdays. It may not be possible to see those reaching the hospital after 0800.

Admission facilities available

General ward
Twin-sharing room
Non-AC single room
AC single (Deluxe) room

Operating theaters

Although this is a small-sized hospital, the operation theater complex was completely renovated and modernized a few years ago and is fitted with laminar airflow. The hospital recently acquired state-of-the-art HD camera system and has all the modern laparosocpic instruments including an ultrasonic scalpel. It is thus possible to perform all laparoscopic surgeries at this Hospital, at a modest charge.

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