Academic Activity

Faculty Director,
Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training (CEMAST)

CEMAST is a state-of-the-art facility for training of surgeons in various aspects of minimal access (laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and bariatric) surgery. Dr Bhandarkar has been instrumental in designing the training courses at the CEMAST and actively supervises and participates in the training programs.
Faculty for Courses, Conferences and Operative Workshops

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Course, EISE, Mumbai 1998-200
Laparoscopic Knot-tying and Suturing Course, EISE, Mumbai 1998-2006
Basic Surgical Skills Course, EISE, Mumbai 1999-2006
Endoscopic Spinal Surgery Course, EISE, Mumbai 1999
Basic Surgical Skills Course, Indian Chapter, RCS Edinburgh 1999-2003
Workshop, Conference of Rural Surgeons of India, Vapi 2002
Annual Scientific Sessions, College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, Colombo 2002
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Course, Udaipur 2003
Laparoscopic Suturing Workshop, Ahmedabad 2003
Live operative Workshop, Annual Conference of Gujarat ASI 2003
Live Operative Workshop, Annual conference of Maharashtra ASI 2004
International Forum on Minimally Invasive Surgery, Beijing 2004
Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery Course, EISE, Mumbai 2004
Live Operative Workshop, MISICON, Coimbatore 2004
Live Operative Workshop, Choithram Hospital, Indore 2005
Live Operative Workshop, Tri Surge Conference, Kolhapur 2006
First FIAGES Course, New Delhi 2007
Conference of Association of Colon Rectal Surgeons of India, Ahmedabad 2007
Live Operative Workshop, MASICON 2008, Kolhapur 2008
IAGES 2008, Jaipur 2008
PSGCON 2008, Coimbatore 2008
Third FIAGES Course, Trichy 2008
2nd Annual Conference of Hernia Society of India, Auranagabad 2008
Knotting and Suturing Workshop, Solapur 2008
54th Annual Conference of International College of Surgeons, Trichy 2008
Operative Workshop, Annual Conference of ASI, Ludhiana 2008
Knotting and Suturing Workshop, Nashik 2009
Operative Workshop, Annual Conference of HSI, Indore 2009
6th FIAGES Course, Pune 2009
Operative Workshop, MASICON 2010, Solapur 2010
Live operative Workshop, Hernia CME and Workshop, Talegaon 2010
Live operative Workshop, Joy Hospital, Mumbai 2010
Live operative Workshop, 13th FIAGES Course, Ahmedabad 2011
Live operative Workshop, Surgical Update 2011, Kolhapur 2011
Reduced Port Surgery Live Operative Workshop and CME, Delhi 2011
Live Operative Workshop, 18th FIAGES Course, Bhubaneswar 2011
Live Operative Workshop, 20th FIAGES Course, Lucknow 2011
Live Operative Workshop, LaparoTech, Nagpur 2011
Congress of ELSA, Singapore 2011
AMESCON 2012, Dubai, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, IAGES 2012, Ahmedabad, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, RAMAS Conference, Jodhpur, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, 24th FIAGES Course, Patna, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, Knotting Suturing Workshop, Ahmedabad, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, 6th International Congress of SLSB, Dhaka, 2012
Live Operative Workshop, MASICON 2013, Nasik, 2013
Live Operative Workshop, NAIMAS, Delhi, 2013
Live Operative Workshop, Just Hernias, Pune, 2013
Live Operative Workshop, 7th RAMAS Conference, Jaipur, 2013
Live Operative Workshop, 2nd FALS Course, Mumbai, 2013
Live Operative Workshop, Hernia Update, Hyderabad, 2014
Live Operative Workshop, 35th FIAGES Course, Jodhpur, 2014
Live Operative Workshop, IAGES 2014, Chennai, 2014
Live Hernia Surgery Workshop, Rajkot, 2014
Live Operative Workshop 38th FIAGES Course, Bhopal, 2014
Live Operative Workshop, RAMAS 2014, Jaipur, 2014
Knotting and suturing course, AISGCON 2014, Ahmedabad,2014
HerniaCon 2014 Workshop, Nasik, 2014
GROS Conference 2014, Pune, 2014
International Conference of Society of Surgeons of Nepal, Kathmandu, 2014
Live Operative Workshop 41st FIAGES Course, Gokak, 2015
Live Operative Workshop IAGES 2015, Gurgaon, 2015

Positions Held

Member, Executive Committee, IAGES 2003 – 2007
Associate Secretary, Indian Chapter, International College of Surgeons 2005 – 2010
Member, FIAGES Board 2007 – 2012
Member, FALS Board 2011- 2012
Member, Executive Committee, Hernia Society of India 2008- 2010
Hon. Treasurer, IAGES 2008 – 2012
Vice President (West Zone), IAGES 2012 – 2016

Organizational Activity

Organising Secretary, Conference on MAS – Status in India, Mumbai 2002
Update Coordinator, Medical & Surgical Endocrinology Update, Mumbai 2005
Organizing Secretary, ASIAPACIFICON 2005, Mumbai 2005
Organizing Secretary, SILSCON 2011, Mumbai 2011

Editorial Commitments

Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Surgery 2001 – 2003
Editor, Journal of Minimal Access Surgery 2005 –
Editorial Board Member, Annals of Medicine and Surgery 2012

Reviewer for Journals
Indian Journal of Surgery
International Journal of Surgery
Journal of Pancreas
Surgical Laparoscopy Endoscopy and Percutaneous Techniques
Surgical Endoscopy

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