My experience of laparoscopic splenectomy

The very word ” SURGERY ” triggers fear and creates phobia within us. To top it up, mine was indeed a rare case. I was diagnosed with a tuberculous abscess (pus) in my spleen. As per most of the surgeons, such cases are one in a thousand.

As they rightly say, half the battle is won if we find the right doctor at the right time. After consulting various surgeons for a month, I was suggested to undergo open surgery, which was not fruitful in my case. But Dr. Jacky Lalmalani – a reputed Urologist and a family friend referred me to undergo laparoscopic surgery to you, which was less painful as compared to open surgery. I had lost all hopes of survival, as there was pus in the spleen and some parts of stomach and pancreas. It was indeed a miracle that I survived after going through such a grave situation as Dr. Bhandarkar removed the entire spleen and some portion of stomach. The whole surgery lasted for about 4 -5 hours, which was indeed a difficult one. But thanks to Dr. Bhandarkar, he made it possible.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart as you gave me second life since I had completely lost all hopes of survival. With the grace of God, I took the right decision to opt for laparoscopic surgery instead of open surgery and I was operated on 19th November 2007. Today nearly five years after the surgery I am leading a healthy and a normal life without any feeling that I was once diagnosed with such a fateful disease.

Thanks a billion.


Meenal Kodwani