Laparoscopic surgery for bowel obstruction

Dear Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar,
I thank you doctor for looking after my father Dr. N. S. Sundaram who is 85 years of age from the time of admission till the time of discharge and postoperative care.

He developed abdominal discomfort on the night of Sunday March 25th. On Monday he felt better and did not do anything. In the night he felt slight pain and vomited. I thought it was because of new addition in his diet and he had taken some brown bread and flax seeds for nutrition. We discussed about his treatment and arranged for an ultrasound as per our doctor’s advice. On 26th march Tuesday afternoon at 12:30pm we finished the ultrasound. The doctor performing the ultrasound advised us to visit a surgeon immediately. So my brother called a doctor colleague, who suggested us to come to you at Hinduja Hospital.

After you saw him soon after admission and put in the Ryle’s tube he was greatly relieved from his hiccups. You suggested a CT scan on Wednesday, the result of which proved that he had partial intestinal obstruction. You then advised him to have a laparoscopic operation. Surgery was fixed for Friday 30th March at 8:00am. The operation was successfully performed with great support from the Anesthetist Dr. Bapat. I especially thank the surgical team and the anaesthetic team at Hinduja Hospital who took special care of him. Although he is a cardiac patient you made him comfortable during the surgical session. He never felt that he was operated and spoke to us within few minutes after coming back to the room. We had a pleasant stay except his 5 postoperative days during which time he had dryness of tongue and mouth. I was very happy with his blood sugar levels, which were very well controlled by Dr. Manoj Chadha and his heart was also taken care of very well by Dr. Navneet Kumar.

I would like to thank you all for giving us our father back safely . Wish you a great success in the field of laparoscopic surgery.

Yours sincerely,

Swarna S.
Daughter of Dr. N. S. Sundaram