Laparoscopic surgery for my paraumbilical hernia

I was first recommended a surgery for my condition called paraumbilical hernia in the year 2008. I was quite disturbed by the news which meant that I had to stop a lot of activities I liked doing but most of all it was not possible for me to pick up my 2 year old son which struck me especially hard. After going through all the possible options I was referred to Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar for the surgery. He explained that due to my obesity the pressure on my abdomen had ruptured the muscles thus leading to the hernia. He explained that in the condition the best course of action would be to perform a surgery through which he would place mesh over the weakness and fix it to the abdominal walls thus repairing the hernia. He further explained that he would achieve the same using a surgical technique called “laparoscopic surgery” also called minimally invasive surgery, which would involve a few small incisions on my abdominal area. What made the surgery attractive to me were the advantages it offered which have stood true after and during the surgery.

Reduced hemorrhaging, which reduced the chance of my needing a blood transfusion.
Smaller incisions, which reduced the pain and shortened the recovery time. In fact, post surgery I was on my within the first 48 hours
Less post-operative scarring.
Less pain, leading to less pain medication.
Hospital stay was less.
Reduced risk of acquiring infections due to reduced exposure of internal organs.

This surgery was absolutely tension free because it took care of all the mishaps, pains and the trauma associated with a surgical procedure. After the surgery I have managed to get back to my favorite activities namely running. And yes I can hold my son over my head now without any pain or care. I have managed to reduce my weight by more then 10 kilos and am gunning for another 10kg. All of this due to the almost perfect surgery. I would like to thank Dr. Deepraj Bhandarkar and his wonderful team for their unbelievable care and absolute professionalism.


Rahul Agasti