Patient Experience – Sweaty Palms

How I got rid of my sweaty palms

I am 28 years old and I suffered from excessive sweating on my nose, palms, underarms and feet ever since I can remember. Although a seemingly minor problem to a person who does not suffer from it, it had caused me a great deal of embarrassment and discomfort. Unfortunately, the sweating was aggravated in social
circumstances, which lead people to believe that I have some sort of social phobia. I could never write, play any racquet sports or musical instruments without gloves or a box of tissues by my side, which made me give up on these things altogether. I always wore black or white clothes and avoided silk due to sweat stains on my armpits and also avoided all sorts of situations where I had to hold or touch another
person. This affected my confidence greatly. I tried all other non-surgical treatments unsuccessfully before finally opting for surgery.

I researched Dr. Bhandarkar though the Internet and after my first consultation with him decided that he was the doctor for me. He understood the condition thoroughly and explained the procedure of Thoracoscopic sympathectomy in detail including the risks involved, during our first meeting. The surgery itself was a smooth experience; Dr. Bhandarkar and his medical staff at Hinduja Hospital were very attentive and made me comfortable. I was thrilled to experience dry palms and armpits immediately after the surgery. Since it is a minimally invasive procedure, post-surgical recovery was a breeze and I was out and about in a week; I only experienced some pain in my chest immediately after the surgery but this subsided in two days. It has now been three months since the surgery and I don’t have any obvious surgical scar to show for it. I also do not suffer from compensatory sweating on any other part of my body, although I was prepared for this since the doctor told me there was a chance that this could happen. I am very happy with the results and would recommend this surgery to anybody who suffers from a similar condition. It was well worth it. Now I am more confident than ever before, especially while shaking hands, during meetings and presentations. I have also taken up the piano, salsa and play squash regularly, activities I could not do before the surgery.

Ms Snehal Urankar