Having a single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Two words describe this procedure the best – “pleasant surprise”. How else can one describe it in a layman’s words? Options for me: to undergo an open surgery (cut along the stomach), regular laparoscopy or single incision laparoscopic surgery(SILS). I opted to undergo SILS.

I was asked to undergo blood tests, CT scan, x-ray and an ECG a week prior to the surgery. Upon finding all the reports normal, I was asked to admit myself a night prior to surgery. On the day of surgery I was taken into the OT around 12noon. I was administered general aeeasthesia after which the surgery commenced. The surgery lasted about 60-75 minutes, post which I spent about 1.5 hours in the recovery room.

After the surgery within a few hours of returning to the room, I could actually walk in the room. The next day I felt much better and had a decent appetite was put on solid foods. The second day post surgery, I was discharged and returned home – to return to normal home food and a normal life. I was however told to stay away from lifting heavy weights and driving for a few weeks.

The pleasant surprise came on the day of the dressing change (7 days post surgery). I was pleased to notice only one small incision right below my naval (where as the other procedures would have left me with either a huge scar or 4 incisions). My initial thoughts on the gallbladder surgery was one of apprehension about getting the surgery done as I was skeptical about the surgery process, the scars and the post surgery life /restrictions. Ten days after my surgery and I feel absolutely back to normal.


Raveena Thadani