Surgery for umbilical hernia that recurred after open operation

I had previously undergone an operation to repair my umbilical hernia in Jakarta, Indonesia, but due to certain complications the surgery was a failure. The hernia recurred and I suffered from discomfort and pain, which is when my family and I decided to go to India to get the hernia repaired. Since we’ve not lived in India for around 20 years, we resorted to looking up hospitals on the Internet, which is when we came across Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar from the Hinduja Hospital. Within a few hours of sending him a query via email, I received a prompt reply where he provided his contact details and very soon I called him up to discuss my case. Dr Bhandarkar was very courteous and helpful, and on sending him my reports and other vitals, he advised me to undergo a non-invasive laparoscopic surgery. On reaching India, Dr Bhandarkar was of a great help to us, and despite having an extremely busy schedule helped us in booking the operating theatre, rooms and other things that were not possible for us to do.

Postoperatively I was able to consume liquids on the very same day and eat a normal diet within 24 hours. I was also able to move around and walk a bit on the day of surgery, which was very convenient. Not much pain. After this surgery, I experienced a lot more relief and comfort as compared to my previous surgery. The laparoscopic surgery barely left any scars and was a better choice as it reduced the risk of haemorrhage, reduced my hospital stay and also allowed me to travel back to Jakarta, Indonesia within a short period of time as my husband and I were unable to get too many days off from our work. All this wouldn’t have been possible if I had undergone a normal surgery to repair the hernia. All this wouldn’t have been possible without Dr Bhandarkar’s treatment, support and advice.

Till date, if I need any medical advice of any form, I know I can drop an email to Dr Bhandarkar who would be happy to help me out in any way that he can. Dr Bhandarkar is a true professional and a genuine human being, and I am truly grateful and blessed to have come across a person like him.

Dr Anita Coutinho
Jakarta, Indonesia