Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar, laparoscopic surgery Mumbai

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This site provides information about abdominal and thoracic diseases, sweaty palms (hyperhidrosis) and obesity as well as the treatment of these conditions using laparoscopic, thoracoscopic, and weight loss (bariatric) surgery. This surgery, also known as “minimal access surgery”, is carried out via tiny incisions. Patients undergoing minimal access surgery experience less postoperative pain, spend fewer days in the hospital and recover significantly faster than those having traditional open surgery. Single incision laparoscopic surgery – the latest advance – is carried out using only one small incision that heals practically without a scar. Hence, this form of surgery is aptly called “scarless” surgery.

Dr Deepraj Bhandarkar based in Mumbai, India is a renowned expert in minimal access surgery with over 24 years of experience. He has developed this extensive resource to raise public awareness about the modern treatment options available today and empower them to make informed decisions when choosing surgery for themselves or their near and dear ones.